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Human Service Research, Inc.





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  The mission of Human Service Research

(HSR) is to help individuals, groups and

organizations strengthen the quality of

their human service programs through

evaluation and research. To bridge the

gap between what we can change and

the skills to do it.

  HSR helps programs have their finger

on the pulse of their information to better

assess goal attainment, improve programs,

assess needs and document outcomes.

More importantly, HSR helps others to

use information to help improve the well-

being of people in our communities.

  Since 1994, HSR has conducted

research, evaluation and training with

human service programs that have

involved runaway and homeless youth,

parenting, community collaborations,

school and after-school, nutrition, and

youth development programs. Team

members include researchers, evaluators,

teachers, trainers, administrators and

computer programmers. Results of our

work can be found in the article titled

The Effects of Age, Gender, and 4-H Involvement on Life Skill Development.

  One of our newest products is the

Dashboard that include facilitation and

evaluation tools developed over twenty years

that include:

- Collaboration Framework

- Interactive Tools for Organizations, Programs, Teams, and Staff

- Evaluation and Interactive Tools for Children and Youth

Click on the image to learn more.


  Another one of our newest products is

ERIKA that is an interactive Life Skill tool for

children and youth that assesses decision making,

critical thinking, caring, personal values, and social

conscience. Click on the image to view a

demonstration of ERIKA.





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